Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find most common questions regarding DDP

How to Submit Music

To submit music for free download, use the express submission form available hereTo submit music to the store you will need to contact via email and receive a contract that you have to read and sign and return the signed copies either scanned or by post or bring to one of our offices.

How do I buy music?

<p>To buy music in #MMS&nbsp;you have to register for an account first here --&gt;&nbsp;<a href=""></a> </p><p>After registering you can Add songs to your Shopping Basket by clicking on the "Add to Basket" button available with every song.&nbsp;</p><p>To checkout or to pay for your cart, Click on the Top right corner of the store which shows the total of your basket. &nbsp;Continue to click "Click here to pay" button until you get to the page with the payment options.&nbsp;</p><p>You can pay with Paypal, Airtel Money, TNM Mpamba, Visa, Mastercard, For customers outside Malawi you can also pay by SMS or calling our toll number using the PayGol option. &nbsp;Paygol works in&nbsp;over 110 countries.</p><p></p><p><b>IN Chichewa</b></p><p>Tabanyani pomwe palembedwa "Add to Basket (Gulani)" kuti mugule nyimbo ya 200 kwacha kenako tabanyani pa total yanu pamwamba pa website. Mukatabanya pa total ikufunsani kuti mupange login<a href=""> ngati mulibe account</a>, mukapanga&nbsp;<a href="">register&nbsp;</a>account olo mukakhala kuti account mulinayo ndipo mwapanga login, ikuuzani mupange confirm order yanu. Kenako tabanyani pomwe palembedwa "Click here to pay", mufika page yosankha malipilidwe, sakhani momwe mungalipilile, mukatabanya picture ya Airtel Money kapena Mpamba kapena National Bank, ikufunsani kuti mutumize ndalama ku nambala ya server, mukatumiza ndalamazo, ikani phone number yanu (yomwe mwatumizila ndalama), mukatelo basi. Page ikuonetsani download link ya nyimbo yomwe mwagula. </p><p></p><div><b>IN Tumbuka</b></div><div>Dofyani apo walemba kuti “(Add to Basket (Gulani)" kuti mugule sumu pa mtengo wa 200 kwacha mbwenu mudofyetso apo walemba total yinu pachanya pa website.Palamwadofya pa total yimufumbeninge kuti mupange login, pala mulije account, pala mwapanga register account olo pala mulinayo kale account ndipo mwapanga login, imuphalileninge kuti mupange confirm order yinu. Mbwenu dofyani apo walemba kuti "Click here to pay", fikani pa page iyo walemba kuti musankhe malipililo, sankhani umo mulipililenge, palamwadofya chithuzi cha Airtel Money panyakhe Mpamba panyakheso National Bank, imufumbaninge kuti mutumizge ndalama ku nambara ya server, palamwatumizga ndalamaizo, yikani phone number yinu(iyo mwatumizgila ndalama), pala mwachita nthena bwenu. Page yimulongolaninge kuti download link ya sumu iyo mwagula.</div><div><b><br></b></div><div><b>IN&nbsp;</b><b>Yao</b></div><div>Adine parembire kut "add to basket(Gulani) kut asume nyimbo dya 200&nbsp; kwacha. soni adine pa total &nbsp;penani &nbsp;pa website...ali atesire Chidyasalire &nbsp;Kuti atende log in. naga wangali account chakatende. register account naga wana account niatesire log in chidyasalire kut atende confirm order dyawo. kaneko adine palembedwe "click here to pay"chaiche pa page dyakusosa kuperechera mbiya.adyigale mwakusachira kuperechera mbiya. pichadinye pikicha dya airtel money kapena mpamba kapena nation bank. &nbsp;chidyausye. Kuti atumisye makobiri. ayiche phoni nambala dyawo(namanya&nbsp;dyatumisire makobiri)pichadinye yoyo chidyausye download link dya nyimbo dya sumiredyo</div><div><br></div><div><b>IN&nbsp;</b><b>Lomwe</b></div><div>Rhabwanyani valhembiwe khwi mugurhe nyipo ya 200 kwacha mweyiayo rhabwanyani va total vanu vathzulhu ya website. Mwa rhabwanya va total inoukhoani khwi muvolowe ( login) ngati khamuna account, mwalembia account, olo akhalha khwi account mukhana ndie muvolhowa inouthakhelhani khwi musimikize (confirm) odinyu. Mweyiayo rhabwanyani varhi lhembo (click here to pay) mwafiya mbalhi yoyi mulhiveliwe muwakhule voyi muliverhe, mwa rhabwinya khove ya Airtel money or ya Mpamba khapena ya National bank, inouthakhelani khwi murhumie makhobilhinyu o nambala ya server, mwarhumia makhobilhiayo, erhani phone number rhinyu "murhumikhinyu makhobilinyu ayo" basi. mweyi ayi inouoniani vulhi download link ya nyipo inyu mugulhinyu yo.</div><div><br></div><div><b>IN&nbsp;</b><b>Tonga</b></div><div>Dofyani po alemba kuti &nbsp;"Add to Basket (Gulani)" kuti muguli sumu pa mtengo wa 200 kwacha mbwenu mudofyeso po alemba total yinu pachanya pa website. Asani mwadofya pa total yimufumbeningi kuti mupangi Log in, asani mulivi account, asani mwapanga register account olo asani mwenayu Kali account ndipu mwapanga Log in, imukambiyeningi kuti mupangi confirm order yinu. Mbwenu mudofyeso po alemba kuti &nbsp;"click &nbsp;here to pay",mufiki pa page eyo alemba kuti musakhe malipiro, sankhani epo mulipiliyengi, asani mwadofya chithuzi cha Airtel Money panyaki Mpamba panyakiso National Bank, ikufumbeningi kuti mutumize ndalama ku nambala ya server, asani mwatumiza ndalama zo muwiki phone nambala yinu(eyo mwatumiziya ndalama ), asani mwachita viyo mbwenu. Page ikulongoningi kuti download link ya sumu yo mwagula .</div><p><a style="font-size: 1em;"></a></p>

How much am I paying?

<p>K200.00 FOR SONGS AND K2000.00 FOR ALBUMS if you live in Malawi.</p><p>$1.00 FOR SONGS AND $10.00 FOR ALBUMS if you live outside Malawi.</p>

Is My Credit Card Safe?

<p>100% Safe Shopping Guarantee</p><br><p>We guarantee that&nbsp;<b>every purchase you make on the website is 100% safe</b>. We do not store your credit card information on our servers. &nbsp;All our payment getaways are 3rd party.</p><br><p>You will join millions of other customers who have safely shopped over the Internet. We're certain after successfully shopping online at Malawi&nbsp;Music Store, you will be on your way to appreciating the convenience and security of shopping from home nowadays.&nbsp;</p><br><p></p>

How do I register?

<p>Click here to&nbsp;<a href="">Register</a></p>

Whose number are we gonna send the money to?

<p>YOU WILL SEE THE NUMBER WHEN YOU READY TO PAY IN THE STORE. &nbsp;But for Airtel its&nbsp;<b>265996718793&nbsp;</b>and for TNM its&nbsp;<b>265880649615</b></p>

Download Security Features

<p>MMS's innovative system prevents download link sharing and discovery to prevent unauthorized download of your valuable products. </p>

Paying with PayPal

<p>PayPal is the most popular payment processor in the world with millions of users. MMS&nbsp;supports PayPal transactions using the Website Payments Standard system that requires no additional monthly fees from PayPal. Vendors wishing to use PayPal Website Payments Standard with here.</p>

Coupon / Discount Codes

Coupons can be worth either a fixed value price or a percentage of the cart total.

Multi-Item Cart

<p>MMS's multi-item checkout, compatible with&nbsp; PayPal, Payza, Stripe, Airtel Money&nbsp;and PayGol (Internal SMS payment system). MMS&nbsp;offers full shopping cart functionality</p>

Selling Music

<p>Malawi Music Store is well suited for a range of applications and markets. From simple single product ebook sites to complete music or storefronts, this store has the selling features you need.</p>

How it Works for Artists

<p>Artists selling their Music on #MMS can login into their Artist Account at;to view Sales Transactions and reports in realtime. Sales money can be withdrawn to any bank account or mobile money account after reaching the agreed total on the&nbsp;contract. &nbsp;</p>

Do Tokens expire?

<p>No they don't expire, You can use a Token once but they do not expire if they are not used. </p>