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Third Eye - Return of The O.G

Third Eye - Return of The O.G

Recorded by: OV6, Sispence, and Joel Maseko

Produced by: OV6, Sniper on Da Track, Prolifik, Joel Maseko, Dominant One, Martin Angelz and Trappy Beats

Mixed by: Sispence, Martin Angelz and Tapps Bandawe

Executive Producer: Mandela Mwanza

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Third Eye - Return of The O.G

5 Reviews for Third Eye - Return of The O.G
Em K
You could have atleast put 3 songs available for review before purchase. Each song allowed say 20 seconds.
Guy is king ???? LegendāœŠ
Fameson Nayeja
Legendary ????????????
Shareef ngunguni
You don't dissapoint OG
The OG has returned fiercely

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